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Family Tree Maker Ordering

To order your chart, please follow these simple steps:

1. Create your chart (check out our charting tips) and make note of the dimensions shown in the border of the chart editor window.

2. Save your chart to a PDF file:

Click the Share button.
Choose “Export to One Page PDF,” then save it.

Note: FTM 2008 does not have a one page option. For older versions of FTM (such as FTM 10), use the Export command in the File menu, export your chart to a PDF file and save it. Choose the single page option when prompted.

3. Zip your chart file if you can, attach it to an e-mail message, and send to Heartland Family Graphics along with any special instructions (including number of copies). If your attachment is too large to send, let us know and we can make special arrangements for your file. Please include in your message the dimensions you recorded in Step 1.

4. Wait a day to allow us to evaluate the chart and then check your e-mail for a confirmed price and order number.

5. Return to the Heartland Family Graphics web site and go to our payment page to provide your credit card payment. Simply enter the requested payment and shipping information, being sure to include your confirmed order number. You will receive a receipt immediately, but will not be billed until chart shipment.

6. Wait for your printed masterpiece to arrive in your mailbox via priority mail! We aim to have it shipped in seven days or less, and we will notify you at the time of order if it will be otherwise. (Rush jobs can usually be accomplished if requested.) You will receive an e-mail when it is shipped.