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Frequently Asked Questions


Not to worry--we'll print your chart just as you've submitted it. The numbers we use for dimensions are the ones that Reunion provides when you select Get Info when you're looking at your chart. This is the most representative number for the size of your chart because the frame size actually varies depending on the paper size.

The more time the better, but two weeks is comfortable... it gives us a few days to take care of the printing and leaves enough time left over to safely use our standard Priority Mail shipping method. It helps if you provide a deadline when ordering. And if two weeks isn't practical for you, that's ok... we do lots of same week service.

Of course! We obviously prefer a little lead time in case something unexpected turns up, but if you need last minute service, we can almost always help out and turn an order around in a day or two (and sometimes less). Let us know your deadline and we'll do our best to meet it. This is done at no extra charge other than the increased shipping cost we need to pay for overnight or 2 day delivery, but we would appreciate rush service be requested only when it's needed because it does increase our workload.

We do ship almost all orders within a week and most within a few days, but we stick to a ten day guaranteed turnaround so that our customers can avoid any possibility that they won't get their chart in time for an event. Because we're a very small business, we very occasionally (once or twice a year) shut down the printers for a few days to give everyone a chance to have time off. We also very occasionally need to order extra paper to fill your order, and the ten day window allows us to make that happen without disrupting your schedule. Please send us an email if you have any concerns about this!

We must ship all our international orders with a customs declaration specifying a merchandise value equal to your payment. This sometimes results in a customs fee that must be paid before receiving the package. Rarely, there is also an additional in-country delivery fee that is not covered by the US Postal Service postage fee. We cannot predict these extra costs nor can we be responsible for them. One positive development for international orders is that we have been able to add a First Class option for many countries... it takes a little more time but is significantly less expensive than our usual Priority Mail International option.