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Tim and Olaf

We’re excited about our new product . . . we think it can really add to the fun at a family reunion or other occasions. If you supply us with a photograph of an ancestor, we can print it life-sized so you can mount it, cut it out, and use it as a photo prop. As you can see from our example, it's hard to tell it's not a real person! Simple mounting instructions are included with your order. Prices are dependent upon print size — a single, 6-foot person would be only $49.95. And the reunion committee might even like to help out with the purchase.

Great at Silver and Gold wedding anniversary parties too — make sure you invite the original newlyweds to meet all the new friends and family!

Elanor and Olaf

Heartland Family Graphics owner Tim Lundin with his grandfather Olaf Magnus Lundin, as captured on film circa 1900.

Olaf Magnus Lundin with his great-grandaughter Elanor.

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