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Here’s Some of Our Favorite Sites!

Genealogical Information Sites

Reunion Home Page. Lots of great information on Reunion, the world’s best genealogy program.

Enhancing Supercharts. A very nice article by superuser Jan McClintock. If you want to give your chart some extra flair, here's where to start. This article is a little dated but still has some nice ideas you can use today.

The Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies. If you’re doing Swedish genealogy, this is the place to visit. Lots of fabulous information on how to use resources as well as links to other Swedish genealogy sites.

Swedish Discussion Group. A good place to hook up with fellow genealogists with similar interests (or similar ancestors). If you know the province and parish you're interested in, choose “Landscap” from the list, then pick your province, then choose “Socknar” from the list, then pick your parish. (Knowing län and parish isn’t going to help much here.) Further explanation of the forums can be found here.

Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center. Another good site for Swedish genealogy research, hosted by the Swenson Center, an institution dedicated to documenting the Swedish immigrant experience in the United States.

Other Sites

Trailhead Photography. A change of pace. A place to get fine outdoor photography to decorate your walls or give as gifts.

fampres. Take a look for a really unique way of displaying a family tree.

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