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My father-in-law was delighted when he saw the chart framed. I'd shown him a rough printout that was in black and white and taped together, but I think he was genuinely surprised at how good the final, framed, printout looked. I think it's the best Christmas present I've ever given him!

Thank you for the service you offer - I wasted too much time with clueless people at [the local office supply/copy center] who couldn't print out the chart before finding out about your service from an online acquaintance who I guess must have ordered from you in the past. It may be a while before I need another printout like that, but I know who to turn to when I do!

S. Addis

The charts look fabulous with all the pictures.  I can’t wait to share them with the rest of the family.  One copy is for my 83-year old aunt and the other is for my 2nd cousin.
Just looking at the information, I know there are other pictures to be had, so sometime down the road I’ll be in touch again.  It’s a real pleasure working with you and your company because you do such high quality, on-time work, and you’re pleasant to deal with.

R. Crowley

I must say [the charts] are even better than I imagined they would be.  What a difference from the ink-jet paste up I used as proof copies. The glossy paper makes brilliant reproductions of the photographs, and the color background is clear, consistent and streak-less. Your attention to detail in the preparation of production of the charts made me feel that I must be the only customer you had! I didn't expect such personalized attention. Thanks for making the project such a success.

P. Wallick

This is a truly beautiful print.  I appreciate your concern with quality as you reviewed, corrected and then printed the chart.  Many of the pictures are actually better quality in the print than they were in the old originals.  Expanding (a little bit I think) so that the chart uses the full 42" is also great - and centering it.  My local printer was unable to do those basics.

B. Ziegler

Chart arrived safe and sound, very well packaged.

My husband and I thought it looked sensational, an opinion echoed by the dozen or so relatives and friends who have so far seen it (SOOOOO much better than 22 sheets of photocopy paper sticky-taped together!!!!). The prospective bride and groom were most appreciative of the result, and plan to display it at their wedding reception.

Your suggestion about enlarging the text for the ship graphics was a very good one, and certainly added to the overall visual impact.

Thanks for your prompt and efficient service, which I will be praising at next week's ReunionSIG at my Macintosh User Group meeting!

B. Davis

I thought you might be interested in a follow up on the wonderful chart you printed for me. Last weekend was our family reunion and the chart was a huge hit. I'm happy to say that the contents of the chart that I've spent so much time and effort researching were not quite overshadowed by the chart itself, but it was close!

I should mention a curious thing that happened the day after you shipped the chart to me. After several years thinking one branch was a complete dead-end, I had a breakthrough and a couple very productive days with the Danish church books. I was initially frustrated that this information hadn't made it onto the chart, but it occurred to me that it would give me a great opportunity to talk to my family about the process of doing genealogical research. I printed some corrections and additions on Post-It Photo Paper (a pretty good match, by the way) and added them to the chart as I talked. People loved it!

Thanks again for the beautiful chart.

B. Mohr

Thank you so very much for well… EVERYTHING! Your beautiful Reunion chart arrived at my cousin's home in plenty of time before our family reunion in Columbus, NE. Everyone was awed by the thirty-one by two foot long chart, which of course, showed everyone's ancestors and how we were all connected. I did not have much time to prepare and add all the pictures and personal items like those shown on your website, but everyone liked the few that I included. You can be assured that you will be receiving more orders from me in the near future.

Thanks again for your fine product and service!

L. Weakly

I have had wonderful pictures of my four children on a large wall for almost 40 years.  The children are now grown and each have children of their own.  My wonderful cousin, a genealogy whiz and champion of your work, suggested a genealogy chart the same size and in the same pastel colors as the originals to match them and to show how the family has evolved.

We put together the data and sent you the file.  You made some useful suggestions including a very nice change of font.  The piece came to me promptly and beautifully protected from the then driving rain. The results are stunning, so much more elegant and professional than I could have imagined.  The paper is beautiful and the wide border give me lots of framing possibilities.  It is so nice to see a company do something good, do what it says it will and do it well.

S. Schwartz

We had our family reunion on May 5th and the charts were a huge hit.  They looked better than I imagined and I had a pretty good idea of what they were going to look like.   The ttb wall chart was a bigger hit (no one said so but I gathered from the attention it drew).   It is funny the range of reactions you get.  My sister said she was kind of shocked.  She said it was so overwhelming that it took a while to sink in.  Other lady came up to me at the end and said it was the best thing she had seen at any reunion.  

My favorite part of it was watching the reaction from everyone.  Especially when an older person showed a younger person something on the chart.  I will definitely use you for the next reunion (2 yrs from now).  Also, I really appreciated all the help along the way.  You made the process so easy.

J. Brannen

The large mural was  a big hit at our family reunion yesterday helping relatives who did not all know each other well connect with each other and our past.  The smaller charts went like hotcakes.  Next time we'll have to make sure it is clear it was one per  household.

M. Messier

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