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You guys are great!  I really appreciate your excellent service.

R. Greene

Thanks for a wonderful service - fast, efficient, and above all, human! The next time I need a print out, I won’t hesitate!

N. Michael

I’ve found ordering this chart with you to be a very good experience.  I think your service is efficient, pleasant, courteous and moderately priced. What more could one want in this wicked world.

L. Hunt

I just arrived on site and reviewed the charts. They look even better than expected. Excellent work! My thanks and appreciation for getting the charts outputted and shipped on time. They will make a huge impact at our family gathering this weekend.

A. Reed

We presented Heartland Family Graphics with a bit of an unusual order.  My father-in-law was dying of cancer, and wanted to summarize his extensive genealogical research in family trees for his siblings and children.  On very short notice, Heartland Family Graphics guided us through the chart development process (and  made some valuable final edits to them), then produced and sent out ten beautiful, individualized family tree charts.  The entire process was flawless — something still too rare in the world of ecommerce.  Not only did Heartland Family Graphics do a great job for us, they could also teach a lot of other ecommerce sites a thing or two about how to deliver a first class offering to their customers.

T. Coyne

[The chart] is great !!  It has already traveled to California and been a huge hit! Tonight it travels to Texas, where it will be the center attraction at the family reunion.

The best thing about it, is that it gives people the opportunity to make additions and corrections to the information I have.

S. Ramos

[The chart] came out better than I ever imagined it would.  The colors are fantastic—you have an incredible printer.  I cannot begin to describe how pleased I am with the final product—it looks just like it did in my iMac.  Thanks for doing such a nice job on it—I’m already trying to come up with another project so that I can use your service in the future!

R. Strauss

I just wanted to let you know that we returned from Sweden and the charts were a huge success. The one pedigree chart got us into seven farmhouses that my ancestors lived in up to 300 years ago. People in those houses today were fascinated to hear about how my relatives owned the farms and were eager to hear what happened, etc. It was very excited to be accepted as “family” by so many people. I attribute this—at least in part—to the chart...

Just thought you’d like to know. I'm sure we’ll do more business together!

D. Erickson

I want to compliment your company on doing a fine job.  The text and color are clear and sharp and the paper is just right. Thank you very much indeed for the good work and for keeping your promise of quick delivery.

M. Allen

The chart arrived today. . . Didn’t unroll whole chart—too beautifully wrapped; what I can see looks just fine.

The best—only—example of company efficiency that I’ve seen in years. Please tell Tim how impressed—nay, flabbergasted—I was.

J. Rabb

I’d like to thank you for your responsiveness and assistance throughout the process of getting my charts emailed to you, priced, printed and delivered. Communication and good service are so important when doing business over the Internet with people you don’t know — and who don’t know you. You really went out of your way to be helpful, and I appreciate that. It’s also great to deal with someone who is more fluent in Reunion than I am and can help me problem-solve to get the best results.

B. Lightbown

Dear Heartland Family Graphics,

If you ever need anyone else to join your list of thrilled clients, please let me be one!  Thank you for always doing a little more than I expect (i.e. suggesting another font or mentioning that a photo would be better at another size).  And for being so patient with me when I ask you to try printing something other than a family chart (i.e. my “experiment” in getting you to print out a 16-foot-long poster for me).

Your projects have ALWAYS arrived on time (or earlier) and looked so much better than in my minds eye (it must be the paper, right?). Printing out the collage of family photos (with captions) was a huge hit with my brothers and sister. They’d always “wanted copies” of the really OLD photos.  So this way, I could enlarge them, caption and print them for all 4 of them at once.  They can frame the collage or cut them apart.  It worked out well.

Again, thanks for your patience and willingness to help me come up with solutions!

A. Allnutt

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